All items listed as part of our Technical Specifications are subject to change, this may be due to upgrade, maintenance, repair or servicing.

For further information please phone our Technical Manager, Raph Whittingham on 0402 211 034

Stage Dimentions & distances of note

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Prosc. Width 13m
Prosc. Height 7m
Rear of Prosc. To last fly line 11m
Rear of Prosc. To front edge of stage 1.32m
Fly rail to OP wall 21.6m
Fly rail to OP (fire escape) 19.4m
Rear Wall to front edge of stage 16.1m
Std fly bar drift from stage floor 15.85m
Stage to grid 16m
Stage to underside of first catwalk 6.8m
Stage to underside of loading gallery 15m
Back wall of stage to back of stalls 40m
Front of stage 'C' apron to balcony rail 11.9m
Front of stage 'C' apron to FOH truss 15.6m
Front of stage 'C' apron to bottom of box boom ~10.6m
Front of stage 'C' apron to top of box boom ~11.8m


1. The O/P fire escape protrudes onto the stage. It is 1320mm high. Refer to stage plan.
2. The stage surface is Ply and Masonite 25mm thick and may be screwed and cut. It must be repaired after use at the hirers cost.
3. The stage is sprung and not raked.
4. Load rating - stage floor: uniformly distributed load 7.5kPa (760kg/m2)
5. Load rating - stage floor: concentrated load 4.5kN (460kg)

Seating Capacity

The total seating capacity of the Theatre is 1048.
Stalls: 693 persons, Lounge: 355 persons.
Please refer to Seating Plan

Loading Dock

The loading dock is situated on O/P side with direct access to the stage.

Dock height - 1.27m
Door width - 2.9m
Door height from stage - 3.26m

Orchestra Pit

The Regal Theatre has an orchestra pit made available at an added cost. First rows A, B and C removed from centre and rows C and D from sides of Stalls. The orchestra pit has independent power and dimmer circuits, for music stands. Access from backstage is via prompt side exit.

Dimensions: 13.0m Width
4.0m Depth (1m is under the apron)
0.8m Sunken Height

Stage Management

Programme and paging to all dressing rooms.
Camera from FOH to Prompt SM desk monitor/green room/chorus room/OP feed.
The SM desk is located downstage prompt side but can be moved if required.


Washing and Drying facilities are available in the laundry located on the first floor.
Facilities include 2 x washers, 2 x dryers, 2 x Irons, 2 x Ironing boards, 2 x Hotbox.

Dressing Rooms & Green Room

Level 1
Dressing Room 1, capacity of 4 persons with ensuite
Dressing Rooms 2, 3 & 4, each with a capacity of 4 persons
Dressing Room 5, capacity of 4 persons (off laundry)
Green Room with kitchen, lounge and bathroom facilities
Level 2
Chorus Dressing Rooms x 2, capacity of 14 persons per side, plus open space (dimensions here)
Bathroom and shower facilities

Stage Machinery

The Theatre has a Single Purchase counterweight system operated from the prompt side.
The Theatre has the capacity to install 53 lines. At this stage only 34 lines are fully operational. The frame is fully installed and these lines can be moved to any one of these tracks. If it is necessary to move the lines it is at the hirers cost and minimum 2 weeks prior notice is required.
The lines are rated at 500kgs/line.

Average batten length is 18 metres.
Batten is 65 X 35 RHS.
The lines are on 200mm centres except for lines 36, 37 which are on 300mm centres.

Hanging Plot


Only lines on the Hanging Plot are available.

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Stage Drapes

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Type Quantity Height in M Width in M Description
Legs 2 pair 7.0 2.0  
  1 pair 7.0 3.0  
  3 pair 7.5 3.0  
Borders 2 17.0 2.0  
  2 17.0 3.0  
  1 17.0 4.0  
Tormentors 1 pair 8.0 2.0 Hard legs
Curtains 2 7.2 7.8 Black Tabs
  2 7.5 7.0 Burgundy Velvet House Tabs
Cyclorama 1 8.0 16.0 Filled White Cloth

All masking is black wool, no gather.
Some additional masking available for hire
The house curtain is Flown.

House Sound System

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The Regal Theatre sound system is available at a daily or weekly rate. Any additional equipment hire that you require can be arranged.

# System
12 d&b Q1 Line Array Speakers
2 d&b B2 Double 18" Subs
4 d&b E3 Full Range 2 Way Speakers
4 d&b E3 Full Range 2 Way Speakers
2 d&b Q7 75x40 Full Range 2 Way Speakers
All Powered by d&b D12 and D6 Amplifiers. Controlled at FOH, using d&b R1 Software
1 Midas Pro X Console firmware 3.4.6
2 Midas DL 431 (24 Inputs/Splits)
1 Midas DL 154 (8 Inputs/16 Outputs)
1 Midas DL 155 (8 inputs/8 Outputs)
2 Shure B58A Dynamic Microphone
2 Radial J48 Active DI
2 K&M tall Boom Stands
Extras In-house available for hire
2 Shure ULXD Beta 58 Wireless Microphones and Receiver
16 in/ 8 out Analogue stage boxes at each side of stage
Cat 5 patch points for Midas DL 431 in the Orchestra Pit

Talk Back System

1 Master Control, At SM Position prompt side downstage
2 FOH lighting and Audio control positions
2 At Fly Rail
2 At Followspot Positions

Additional talkback connection points at upstage centre and downstage O/P.


1x SDI feed from FOH OPS to Prompt Side SM desk.

Projector and other A/V equipment hire can be arranged as required by the Tech Manager.


Download lighting plot pdf

# LX Control
1 ETC Gio 4 firmware 3.0.1
1 ETC Universal Fader Wing 2 x 20 Channel
3 JANDS DD6-3 DMX 512 Distributors
204 Channels of re-locatable 2.5K Jands HPX 12 AZ100 Dimmers

Additional lighting equipment hire can be arranged as required by the Tech Manager.

FOH Bar Positions

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Description From Prosc. (mm) Above stage level (mm)
Catwalk 4200 9500
Balcony Front 13000 3700
FOH Truss 15000 7300

Signage & Display Areas

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Our preferred signage supplier: The Factory

Diagram of available signage styles

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1 Haulotte Quick Up 11 Lift
1 12ft A Frame ladder
1 8ft A Frame ladder




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